P3 Cycle,  Ultimate

Bryan Spellberg is a dedicated and competitive triathlete,  cyclist, and runner who has taken his love of endurance sports and applied it to helping other athletes and exercise enthusiasts improve their fitness through heart rate based training.

Bryan is a graduate of the University of Florida and spent
​10 years in the business world before leaving to pursue his passion for fitness. He has been a sponsored Team Polar endurance athlete that competes in running and triathlon races of all distances from 5ks to the full 140.6-mile Ironman. Bryan has been trained by the Polar Heart Rate Company to utilize their technology and products to conduct heart rate based testing which tells you your individualized heart rate zones.


"Knowing your heart rate zones allows you to truly listen to your body during training and enables you to reach your fitness goals."


  • Polar Heart Rate Coaching
  • Johnny G. Spinning